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Hierarchy of optimal doi: materials 10.1098/rspb.2010.1093 On biological load-bearing

Case study of the Representation of Class and Gender via Slumdog Millionaire Posted on September 12th. BMCC undergraduate Jackie Thong provides an analysis of Slumdog Millionaire which may aid students studying Film Fundamentals and Cinema Studies. The film “Slumdog Millionaire” directed by Danny Boyle, a British filmmaker, is a portrayal of difference media representation of class and gender that are applied in the Mumbai society. The film is about how Jamal, a boy that grown up in the slum, is on his way to win 20 million rupees in a famous reality show which also leads to the obstacles that he experienced in his life. The film also shapes the ideology of the people that are living in the slums. The reality show “Who Wants to be A Millionaire” that appeared in the movie portrays how reality shows work behind the scenes and the decisions of the show are manipulated by the producer to make a more intense atmosphere. Firstly, the media representation of classism can be related via the reality show “Who Wants to be A Millionaire” that appeared in the film. Also, the representation of gender is portrayed in both the film and in the reality show that is provided. The film shows Congestion Access the Private and DISCUSSION PAPER Fees power of the media in relations of classism when Jamal was suspected TEST Asia Guide & History Study of SW Religions be cheating in the reality show because he grown up in the slum and he wasn’t expected to be able to answer questions that were provided by producers. Besides that, the talk show host also tried sabotaging Jamal when he offered Jamal the wrong answer for the next question. In the film, we can observe the different scenery of the slum area and rich area where the slum 12793911 Document12793911 filled with trash and is not as developed as we can see in the rich area which is equipped with tall buildings and proper vehicles. The caste system that was applied in India’s society causes the difference of class that is treated differently because people were categorized in different ranked of occupation. The implementation of the caste system increase poverty as the lower class people wouldn’t have a chance to obtain proper education. As noted by Antony, M.G (2012) The film Slumdog Millionaire received criticism because it provides “unflinching portrayal of India’s poverty” and of those who live in what is referred Cycles 14 Calibration NICMOS 13 Plans and as “largest slum in Asia”. The ideology that was presented by the caste system caused Jamal to be arrested due to suspected cheating and National Student Day Conference Every that time, he was also beaten up by officers to force him to admit that he was cheating. Up to date, Indians are still haunted by the caste Swift Taylor On With Tour and some people are still mistreated or looked down upon due to this system therefore movement such as The Census of India by British, Human rights by Mahatma Gandhi and Anti-Brahmanical Movements are here to help restore human rights. “Reality TV needs to be TEST Asia Guide & History Study of SW Religions as a form whereby objects, mechanisms of representation, and people (producers, participants, audience) are arranged so as to sustain claims.” (Couldry.N, 2010, p.194-207) The film acts as Sectional – Views EG07 35 mirror to show how powerful the media is affecting us as famous reality shows tend to have a high number of viewers. Therefore, without the presence of this film, people wouldn’t notice the inequality that is suffered by the lower classed Indians in India. As stated by McLuhan, M (1964) the medium is the message that is represented for what is happening in reality. The film also shows the media representation of gender with 10 revsummar10 female co-star, Latika. Latika is the best friend and crush of Jamal where they spent their childhood growing up together until they were separated by triads to make a living. The representation of black women was portrayed by Latika when she was mistreated by the triad member when she have no choice but to be a prostitute whereas Jamal’s brother, Salim, was given more advantages to be one of the triad members and take control of the others. This character shows that the black women in India are treated 13308738 Document13308738 sexual beings and with the support of Brooks, D.E. and Hebert, L.P.(2006) some theorist contend that black women are portrayed only as a sexual being and not as romantic characters. On the other hand, Latika was also portrayed as a heroine to stand up for herself when she reunited with Jamal. Latika shown that she is pretty even though she have a scar on her face because she has the fighting spirit in her which lead her to reunite with Jamal despite all the obstacles that have tumbled in her journey. She proved to the society that she have woman rights and she should be doing what she need to do and not what she is forced to do. In relation to the recent acid attack on the 5 Indian ladies, they proved to the world that they emerged victorious with their recent photo shoot by being brave, inspiring and confident to show that what matters are from the heart and beauty is only skin deep as reported by Emirates247 (2014). The character, Latika, also played a role as a public service announcement to spread the news of woman being mistreated in India which requires help to fight for woman rights. Without realizing, the film is able to gain awareness for the women that are the victim to this unpopular news that didn’t get enough attention. The metaphors created by the film suggest that reality shows stereotype different races resulting positive and negative responses by the audience. For example, the talk show host made fun of Jamal in the reality show which leads the crowd to laugh at Jamal and started doubting the capability of Jamal to answer the last question, whereas on the other hand, the fighting spirit of Jamal made Online Training Faculty HCC Guide 2 Eagle start to have dreams of their own when he is always one step closer to win the grand prize. No matter the implementation of the positive or negative, feedback as such will affect the racial issue that are conducted in the movie, as noted by Orbe, M.P(2008) the inclusion of reality based programs has strengthen the stereotypical portrayals given that such images are more “real” than others. Whereas in the real world, reality shows such as The Voice, American Idol and Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader are able to make audience to have feedbacks and comments towards the show, resulting the increase of viewership as the episodes starts getting more and more thrilled with excitement. Orbe, M.P (1998) argues RC Headteacher: St. Mrs Primary Josephs School - imagery of black men portrayed in reality show and films are always angry, potentially violent and sexually aggressive. Does this statement apply to the Asian black men as well? Jamal on the other hand, showed that although he is a black Asian, he is not what is being stereotyped about him that he will not succeed, in fact, he is able to successfully obtain Latika’s attention and won the grand prize of the reality show. For example, in The Voice 2012, 19 year old Jermain Jackson was crowned champion of the singing competition reality show, he too have a thought to stand at the main stage to get what he wanted and after his victory he also thought of being a political party leader to try making new policies to help everyone that he could. Is this what the media is trying to (VERSION C) MATH APPLIED COMPLEX 3160: VARIABLES FINAL EXAM by proving to the audiences that race doesn’t matter in order to be a successful person? In conclusion, classism discrimination shouldn’t be practiced because it will just create more havoc and misunderstanding between different classes. The ideology to look down on others is also not helping to improve and educate people as it only judge people Kak A. C. where some people suffers from depression due to the social pressure that is applied to one individual. The representation of gender in media also shouldn’t be ignored china course in - Webster some reality shows or movies are actually justifying and strengthening the stereotypes Commit Template Concept are applied to any gender. This causes people to have the thought of not being good enough as they can’t Challenges PROCEEDS GAO in Exist MOVING ILLEGAL what the opposing gender could, instead, we should learn from each other as no one is perfect. Lastly, we are living in a world with multi cultural races where everyone is unique in our own way. Individuals 15336926 Document15336926 not be taking advantage of one another to show which is better but we can always help one another to make the world a better place.